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We had a couple of false starts due to paperwork issues, but they cleaned up what needed to get done. I was treated very well. The loan originator was available both day and night. He even answered the phone at 8pm. I got the rate I wanted, which was better than a conventional loan. I chose USAVA Lending because they sent me a few mailings. I have had 15-20 loans in my lifetime, but this is the first time I got a VA loan. I always thought it would be difficult to get a VA loan because we were self employed. I was surprised I was able to get the loan. I would definitely recommend them USAVA Lending. 5 Stars!


Charles & Cynthia C. | 1/26/2018

I refinanced with USAVA Lending and I got the interest rate I wanted! They explained things well. My loan originator treated me well and followed up. My loan closed on time. I would recommend their services.


Levi M. | 1/12/2018

My interest rate was lower than it was. They were very nice. I would recommend their service.


Nege C. | 1/12/2018

They were great! The loan originator went above and beyond and was really helpful. We had a unique mortgage and they figured out a way to get it funded. We got the interest rate we wanted. They made things easy and I could not be more impressed with them. I called one day and it started our relationship. This took over a period of two years and he called us back. We were building our house at the time and were waiting until we needed to refinance. He would call once a month to check on things and he did not use any pressure. We had quite a few hurdles, but he always had an answer. Without our loan originator, we would not have never got a refinanced. I would recommend USAVA Lending!


Edward & Kathryn A. | 1/9/2018

Everything was taken care of and well done. My loan originator was a professional who really understands a consumer’s situation. He was very thorough and always available when you have a problem or questions. He followed up to make sure everything was alright. I was most impressed with how he cared and followed up. Even after the funds were received he called to say that we could call him if we had any questions. They are not fake or phony, they sincerely care. I would definitely recommend USAVA Lending and was glad one of my children referred me.


Arthur M. | 12/20/2017

USAVA Lending were wonderful. No pressure and they did everything very professionally. They were really, very good. They had a good rate and they beat everybody out. Everything went really smooth. I would rate them 10 stars if I could. Heck ya, I would recommend them and plan to tell my brother when he is ready for a loan. Everything was just great.


Paul L. | 12/19/2017

USAVA Lending, LLC helped me close on my first home this past Friday. They met my expectations 100%. They answered all my questions, explained everything to where I could understand it. They were there through the whole process and answered everything without a problem. I definitely recommend them to 1st time buyers. They know what they are doing. They are good with VA Loans, they know the whole process.


Michael G. | 12/13/2017

They made it as simple as possible and kept me in the loop the entire time. My loan originator was informative and I felt like he had my best interest in mind. He communicated well, was prompt and responsive even after hours which was really nice. He was more than fair. I decided to choose USAVA Lending over another lender I contacted before because they did not reject me. The lending company that rejected me recently contacted me to make offer, but I told them, "Sorry". I would definitely recommend USAVA Lending and I am happy with the interest rate I received.


Steven L. | 12/7/2017

I would rate USAVA Lending 10 Stars if I could! Their level of service was great. I had been talking to another lending company, but USAVA Lending were hands on. They provided answers to every question I would ask and were prompt with getting back to me. They pulled through with everything they stated they would do. My loan closed on time and my interest rate is much lower. We decided to go with USAVA Lending when we got a letter in the mail. We felt good about contacting them. We looked at their reviews from other clients and saw they had good feedback and attended to all their needs. Our loan originator made everything happen. His assistant was also very good. I am in the works of getting my mother-in-law to go trough the same process.


Courtney W. | 12/7/2017

USAVA Lending were wonderful. Everything was done quickly. No matter what time of the day it was our loan originator would answer our calls. He totally explained everything. He treated me like a queen. He was just wonderful. We had been looking at VA loans for a while, but we were never sure if we would qualify and we did qualify. We got a lower interest rate. Our loan closed much quicker than other loans we have applied for. I would 100 recommend them. This loan has been a God send to us. We are now debt free! It's awesome.


Beverly H. | 11/27/2017

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