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USAVA Lending were great and did a wonderful job! They worked with us and made it everything possible. We were traveling and had to do some of this on the road. Somebody was always there to answer questions. The staff all did a good job and kept me informed. They emailed me to let me know what was going on. A letter came in the mail and we received an email regarding their service. We chose USAVA Lending because of the interest rate and we wanted to use a company offering veteran services. We had a really good deal, but we wanted a 30 year loan instead of 40 year loan and we got it at the interest rate offered. I would recommend them.


Victoria S. | 4/5/2017

USAVA Lending is outstanding! They answered every question I asked and did it in a timely manner. The Loan Originator and Executive Assistant were very helpful. They let me know what the necessary documents were that they needed and helped me gather all of the right information when I was in the process of sending them information. I received a letter in the mail and gave them a call. I chose USAVA Lending because they were friendly, helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. I would absolutely recommend them.


Daniel N. | 4/4/17

I wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for what you have done to process our loan successfully.

The Operations Manager-thank you for being honest and giving us confidence that we can re-finance our home. I have worked for more than five years to get someone to give us this opportunity. So glad I took your advise to go through it.

The Executive Assistant-thank you for all of your emails to get all the necessary forms needed to move the process along.

The Senior Loan Processor-Wow...what can I say, thank you for your help and time to get our loan approve. Thank you for letting investors know that we will be a good customer and the confidence you have on us for this loan to be successful.

No doubt I will definitely recommend USAVA Lending to all of our friends that are serving our country and Cadets in the Military Academies to help them purchase their home for the first time. By the way, just want to let you know that after our loan was approved, we have received so many request from investors in the past letting us know that we now qualified to refinance and wanting our business. Your company was the first one to reach out to us for this opportunity and so thankful that I proceeded with your company. Thank you again for a very smooth process in refinancing our home.


Andrea A. | 4/3/2017

USAVA Lending did a very good job. I did not know what I was doing and they made it very easy for me. My loan closed on time. Everyone was very helpful. The Executive Assistant was helpful and always friendly. She was receptive to what I asked her and she made it clear. If she did not know something, she would ask someone else. I would always get a call when they said. I would certainly recommend them. I received a solicitation through the mail. I was relieved when I saw that USAVA Lending had really good reviews.


Dorothy K. | 3/24/2017

USAVA Lending were very good. We had to extend the rate lock because of issues we had at the house and they were able to handle that. They explained that it would not be an issue and gave us an extension. They told us not to worry. They did what they said! The loan originator was very helpful and explained what was going on. He reassured us not to worry. The Senior Loan Processor kept us informed and let me know when the money hit the bank, which it did. I would definitely recommend USAVA Lending.


James H. | 3/23/2017

USAVA Lending were wonderful! They bothered to give us a loan unlike any other lender we have dealt with. We have been trying to get a loan for about four years and they were the first company to work with us. I cannot believe that the loan is going through. In fact, I am getting funded today. Everybody was awesome. They explained everything and helped us. I would definitely recommend them and already have to my aunt. I thank them everyday for working with me and my husband when I talk with them. What they have done is life changing.


Lorriane J. | 3/14/2017

The loan came out very good. They came out and their promises came true. When I was forwarded the paperwork and we missed any papers, a kind person would call us back and gave us new forms to take care of. 5 Stars! I would recommend them. I got a flyer and called them and that’s the way it started.


Armando E. | 3/9/2017

Everything went just fine and my loan closed on time. The Senior Loan Processor explained things very well. I would definitely use USAVA Lending again if I had to and I would recommend them.


Delbert L. | 3/9/2017

USAVA Lending met my expectations and more. They kept me updated with what was going on and helped me a lot. I am going to refinance my other house with USAVA Lending, too. I want their service again. Everyone was nice and kept in touch with me and called me. Whenever I had question and someone at the office could not answer it, they would refer it to somebody right away to get the answer. I had one company before who did not really help me and USAVA Lending really helped with a lot! I will be recommending them.


Maria A. | 2/24/2017

USAVA Lending were awesome! Everything I needed I got from them in a timely manner and they were great to work with. The Executive Assistant was patient and very attentive and she gave me what I needed when I needed it. She was professional all of the time. I would definitely recommend USAVA Lending. My loan closed on time. I was looking at 3 other companies and the other guys were way too high on their fees and changed the rates every time I called. USAVA Lending stayed true to their word from day one!


Ron C. | 2/7/17

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