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They were very good especially the loan originator. He always updated me on time and he was really nice and professional. I chose USAVA Lending because I received a mailer. Their interest rate was good and the service was a good deal. When I come across someone that needs a VA loan I would definitely recommend USAVA Lending.


Efren C. | 8/16/2017

I refinanced twice, 6 months ago and most recent closed this month. I was very happy when we re-financed back in December 2016, so we did it once again and the results were very outstanding! My credit rating was not that great; however, USAVA Lending went up and batted for me. Now, not only did they do a great job, they've helped my credit rating and my financing rate has gone down to 3.75. I would absolutely recommend them to others.


Michael J. H. | 08/09/2017

The Loan Originator kept me informed every step of the way, no problems at all. You need ten more just like her.


Michael G. | 7/28/2017

The service was really good. My loan originator was detailed about the whole process and he was very informative. He was respectful and professional. He would call us back right away. I got a flyer and called because of the low interest rate. After I spoke to him, I was on board. I was impressed with his details and the fact that he knew what he was talking about. That made me feel comfortable. I liked the way he explained the information to me. I would recommend USAVA Lending.


Lily G. | 7/24/2017

USAVA Lending was very good. I had never heard of them before and found them on Google. I chose them because they advertised VA loans and they were local. My loan originator was proactive. I did not have to ask lots of questions because he kept me informed every step of the way, which I appreciate. He kept me in the loop and he was professional and friendly. I would recommend USAVA Lending.


Donald W. | 7/24/2017

USAVA Lending was fantastic because there was no fooling around! Everything went along as planned, they kept me well informed and were well organized. They treated me, "Fantastically". The loan manager answered all of my questions. If anything was needed, it was overnight-ed or emailed via docu-sign. If there was a glitch they knew who to contact to get the problem solved. They were researching and working on solving the problem before I was even notified and got what was needed to make things happen. I surely would recommend them. I am the type of person that likes to be well informed and they would give me a call just to say they are still working on things and provide a status update, so I would not have to be concerned over the weekend with the progress. My loan was closed and I don’t have to worry about paying the mortgage because my loan is already set up for automatic withdrawal. They made things really convenient.


Ronald S. | 7/21/2017

They were good! If I had any questions they answered it and got the documentation and information in a relatively short time. I had no problems whatsoever. The loan originator was professional, nice and answered all questions on time. I would recommend them.


Christopher L. | 7/19/2017

I went through 12 companies and no one could do better than the staff at USAVA Lending! I appreciated the low rates and got the money I wanted. I worked three months on this and thank God I used USAVA lending. They did their job and they work hard. I would recommend them!


Norma C. | 7/19/2017

USAVA Lending were excellent. Their on top of things and got back to me right away including their emails. They were all so very good in regards to what I needed to send them. They are very precise with all they do. I cannot say anything bad about them. My loan closed on time. I would absolutely recommend them.


Darcy S. |

My specific services were for a home refinance. I wanted a VA loan with a 30 yr fixed APR. All of my expectations were met. The person I worked with was very professional, kind and wants to do what is best for the customer. He gave me advice and many different options and there was no pressure of any kind. Every decision made was thoroughly thought out and Brad was patient with me and I really appreciated it. Everything was very prompt. From my first contact until funding was 30 days. I rate them 5 stars more if I could

I would and have already recommended them to others. My recommendations would be to sit back and listen and let the experts at USAVA lending do the work and keep you at ease knowing that they will do everything right. I worked indirectly with the Executive Assistants. Both of them were a pleasure to communicate with. Very professional and courteous. If I ever need any kind of services related to my home I know exactly who to go to. The team at USAVA Lending. I am so happy with everything its like a dream come true!


Bradley S. | 06/28/2017

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