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All condominiums must be approved by VA prior to close of sale or close of escrow with a refinance.

Based on Circular 26-09-19 dated November 30, 2009, effective December 7, 2009, and Change 1 to the circular dated May 17, 2010, VA will no longer accept FHA/HUD approvals that were completed after 12/07/2009. Condominium project/HOA approvals will require a full document package submitted to VA to review for initial approval and any phase approvals completed after 12/07/2009.

If the condominium/HOA was approved by FHA/HUD prior to December 7, 2009, a request for approval along with a copy of the Condominium Detail Sheet from the FHA/HUD website showing original approval dates must be submitted to VA. Upon receipt of the information, if approved, the project/HOA will be given a VA Condominium Id Number and added to our approved condominium list that can be found on Veterans Information Portal, under Featured Items, Condo Reports. No formal letter of approval will be issued. Address for website:

Chapter 16 of the VA Lender’s Handbook Common Interest Communities, Condominiums and Planed Unit Developments is the guideline for condominium requirements and approvals. If the legal description describes it as a condominium, the project needs to be approved. The website for the handbook is:

Approvals of condominium projects/HOAs:

VA approval requires a package of the HOA legal and financial documentation to be reviewed by our Regional Counsel, see pages 16-A-9 – 16-A-11 in the Lender’s Handbook. All required documentation of the condominium project must be received prior to your local Regional Loan Center sending the package to VA’s Regional Counsel. Financial budgets and statements must be no older than 60 days. To help us expedite review of the package, please have the documents separated by type, stapled/clipped and placed in the order of the check sheet. This is not mandatory, but helpful.

Section B of Chapter 16 in the Lender’s Handbook gives instructions for use of an attorney’s opinion. An attorney opinion is not required. It is an option that the buyer/lender can use to expedite the approval process. An attorney’s opinion requires the sponsor to give all required documentation to a qualified attorney to review and certify that the condominium project complies to VA requirements. Section B also states the specific guidelines for the attorney to follow when rendering an opinion. Attorney fees for condominium review are not considered an allowable VA fee and are not refundable by VA if the project is not approved. VA still makes the final decision to approve/disapprove the project/HOA.


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