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04 2017

VA Loans Remain Steady in an Unpredictable Year for Mortgages

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VA Loans Remain Steady in an Unpredictable Year for Mortgages

Kacey M. Isley  |   May 4, 2017

VA home loan program has its best year thus far: 2016.




The mortgage industry is in for an uncertain year, with rising and falling rates already seen in these first few months. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau’s First Quarter Report of 2017 has shown that national homeownership has dropped to under 63%, the lowest in the last fifty years.


VA homeownership, on the other hand, tells a different story. The VA estimates the rate of homeownership among veterans to be closer to 82%, way higher than the national average.  Although many veterans have yet to take advantage of their VA benefits, 2016 shows promise in that the VA backed more than 707,000 loans, according to a US Finance Post. This is all thanks to the VA Home Loan Program, where the number of veterans taking advantage of their benefits is steadily increasing.

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James Pickett’s VA Home Loan Success: 24 Years After Service

Gail MarksJarvis, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, tells the story of a 50 year-old veteran, James Pickett, who was still able to obtain a VA loan – almost 25 years after his service:

“If James Pickett had to come up with thousands of dollars for a down payment to buy a house, he’d still be renting. But at age 50, Pickett was able to purchase his first home in December without any down payment. His family is now enjoying four bedrooms and a nice yard for the same monthly payment he previously paid for rent.

‘I look back at the house, and the dog running around in the yard, and I think, this is a beautiful house. This is where I’ll be long-term,’ says Pickett.

Between 1985 and 1993 he served in the Marine Corps Reserve so he qualified for a loan backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, a low-interest mortgage whose popularity continues to grow.”

For MarksJarvis’ full Chicago Tribune article, click HERE.


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